Train travel may not be the most popular form of travel, but it is one that, if well prepared, is a real relaxing break. So here are a few things you should know to make the most of your train journey.

Opt for suitcases with wheels

It’s best to opt for small suitcases with wheels when travelling by train. If you’re travelling in a car, for example, this will make it easier to get there without having to search for trolleys on the platform. And in case the luggage space is full, you can slide your small suitcase onto the top shelf. If you’re travelling with your family, you could take a small suitcase on wheels for two people or one per person so that everyone can roll their own suitcase. On the other hand, plan your departure so that you arrive at the station ahead of the departure time, which is often announced 20 hours in advance. This will allow you to have space in the luggage area and will avoid you coming all out of breath.

Pack a picnic lunch


If you’re travelling for 4 hours, for example, try to carry some small snacks with you. Cakes and sandwiches for example. This will be well worth it, especially if you are travelling with children. You won’t have to spend enough time in a queue, while they are unleashing their hunger on you, to get something to eat from the bar car. Don’t forget to take bottles of water with you. One bottle of water per person will do. And if by chance the train gets stuck on the way, at least everyone will have something to quench their thirst while waiting.

Have something to occupy the children

Travelling with children by train can be difficult if there are no plans to keep them occupied. Provide them with activities, take colouring books, markers, books to read, stickers, comics, a computer or other tablet with downloaded films and cartoons. Headphones too, so that everyone in the carriage is not following what they are watching on their computer or tablet. If you’re travelling without children, bring some crayons or markers (any distraction tool will do) in case the noise of a small child gets in the way. Or simply take along some earplugs, or a good playlist of your favourite music.

So that’s it for a few tips to help you manage your train journey and make the most of it.