It’s holiday time, and maybe you want to go to the other side of the world for the first time? That’s wonderful! However, taking a long plane trip can have a variety of unbearable effects, depending on the individual. So, to make your experience the best it can be, we have put together a few tips for you. Read them without further ado.

Drink enough water

Of course, you know how essential water can be for humans. So it is best for you to hydrate your body with water for 48 hours before you leave. This will make your blood more fluid. Also, you can continue to hydrate during the flight with one and a half litres of water every three hours. You can still consume enough to avoid the risk of phlebitis and other thrombosis after the flight. But be careful not to consume alcoholic beverages or other caffeine in the absence of water. If you feel yourself getting waterlogged, you can make yourself a nice hot green tea; it is also very effective in hydrating.

Eat light meals

Ideally, eating a light meal during a long plane journey provides enough comfort. After your trip, you should always opt for dishes such as salads and white meats. Otherwise, sauces, cheeses and the like won’t do you any good, so limit them. However, if you are addicted to food, don’t hesitate to eat something before your departure. And if you are committed to your daily meal schedule, carry some light, easily digestible fruit with you.

Dress comfortably

It may not seem necessary, but this tip is not to be dismissed. Indeed, travelling by plane does not require the same struggle as travelling by car or motorbike. Rather, the plane deserves its own clothing because of the dry air that exposes the body to dense atmospheric pressure. So, you should wear clothes that don’t constrict you and don’t forget to bring socks or compression stockings if you have circulation problems (valid for all ages). Flexible thermal clothing can also do the trick. In short, keep your clothing light.