There is no plan for the upcoming holidays, and you are still not decided about what to do? You can be looking for something out of the ordinary that will take you to a new level of life experience. A private cruise is definitely one of the most delightful vacation experiences in the world. Yachting on board of a san lorenzo 86 yacht will not deceive you. You wonder why? You are at the right place to find the answers.

What distinguish yachting on SL86 yacht?


The better way to appreciate the beauty of the water and landscape is on a cruise. If you are looking for an unforgettable moment, riding onboard of a SL86 is what you are looking for. In the inside and the exterior, San Lorenzo 86 yacht is the creation of a designer. In addition to the seabed as a backdrop, the yacht allows you to shoot the best photographs possible. For all of your cruising projects, she will deliver unrivaled comfort.


This yacht will give you the experience of being at home, but with more vivid sensations, thanks to its 26-meter length and four cabins. Its capacity of 8 people makes her perfect for relaxing or celebrating with family or colleagues. The yacht includes four beds, allowing you to travel for extended periods of time. It will provide maximum comfort to ensure that its guests have a pleasant stay.


San Lorenzo SL86 is a motor yacht capable of cruising at 27 knots. She can also travel at a top speed of 32 knots. The boat may accommodate crew members in addition to your company to ensure the safety of your excursion.


If you follow all the protective measures in accordance with the requirements, all that is left for you is board your private yacht. Then, relax and enjoy multiple spectacular and unique moments on board.


What can you do on board of San Lorenzo SL86?


A range of activities are accessible on board of the SL86 yacht. You can stay in the cabin while watching a movie if you want a relaxing atmosphere in a quiet environment. Every room has a television and a Blu-ray player. You also have access to the satellite TV in the salon.


For your celebrations or private parties, the Denon amp located in each cabin will also help to create a more lively atmosphere during the afternoons.


You can also take full advantage of the water by going for dives and performing water games. The scuba diving equipment and aquatic toys available on the yacht will accompany you. Water ski equipment and personal watercraft can also be used to perform on the water.


If these activities are not too appealing for you, you can simply stay on board and enjoy the scenery. Nothing beats a sunset on the deck of a yacht.


What more than a relaxing cruise in an SL86 can you do on your holidays? The San Lorenzo 86 yacht will provide you with a cruise experience of its kind, thanks to its luxury, comfort, and design. Still hesitating? Choose your destination, take a ride aboard this yacht and embark on the most exciting adventure of your life.