Costa Rica is a country in the South American continent filled with many people. Thus, travel from one place to another is necessary in this country, which requires the use of a means of travel. For this purpose, some car rental agencies have a range of cars to their credit, which are rented to the population. In this article you will find tips on how to rent a car in Costa Rica.

Targeting a car rental agency

There are many agencies specialising in car rental. This is the case of San Jose costa rica airport car rental Jumbocar located in Rio segundo, calle sentido San José with the contact +506 22 55 86 26. These agencies are full of a variety of vehicles that sometimes distinguish them from each other. It is therefore necessary to know the categories of vehicles available at the agency you have targeted to see if these vehicles are in line with your wishes. Once you have done this, you should approach the agency you have identified to carry out the necessary formalities.

Having a driving licence and insurance

Driving a vehicle requires a driver’s licence to avoid problems with the police. To do this, the vehicle hirer must be able to obtain a licence. Most rental agencies ask for this to ensure that the customer knows how to drive. The identification of the licence ensures that the customer will not drive carelessly and cause an accident. As car hire can subject the customer to theft or accident, insurance cover is required.

The insurance cover that the customer has purchased will ensure that they are compensated in the event of damage. This cover also protects the rental agency in that it can be compensated if the vehicle is stolen. An accident or fire will be protected by this insurance, which is why it is required. If you do not have insurance, you will need an endorsement. The latter can be called in if the hirer is missing.

Identifying a car model

The car you want to rent must be able to meet your needs and the route you are going to drive on. There are some areas of Costa Rica, outside the urban area, where the roads are not paved. There are potholes and puddles in some places. Thus, you should prefer pick-ups or vehicles of varying heights that will adapt to these types of roads. When you want to go on a business trip, you should choose a luxury car. The latter will also be convenient for romantic outings. A sports car may be suitable for a sporting event in Costa Rica.

Check out the available offers

There are websites that review the car offers available to them. These sites offer a wide range of vehicles with the prices that distinguish them. While some vehicles are expensive, others appear to be less expensive. It is up to each person to choose the vehicle that suits their budget.

However, you should specify the duration for which the vehicle will be used. This is a criterion that affects the cost of the rental. When you want to rent a vehicle for a long period of time, you have the privilege of benefiting from a discount on the cost. On the other hand, a short-term rental is not affected by a discount. If you request a vehicle for a period that the agency does not have in mind, it can offer you another car.

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