There is an increasing proliferation of gay destinations around the world. This proliferation of gay spaces in recent times is an advantage for this community. It is also a way to promote LGBT tourism. These emerging spaces are going the extra mile to cater for gay people. In this article, you will discover two destinations of this community.

Barcelona, a gay destination

Barcelona is a city that is much visited by the gay community. It is visited by this community because there are several spaces to welcome them. In fact, in Spain’s second most populous city, you will find gay scenes that are mostly composed of various activities, nightclubs and bars. Your visit to this city will allow you to visit, for example, the Picasso Museum, the Sagrada Familia Basilica with its beautiful architecture and the Holy Cross Cathedral. At night you can go to the gay community Eixample or Gayxample. This is where you will discover the gay bars. There are also discotheques adapted to this community. You won’t be bored at all if you go to Barcelona.

Brussels, a hot spot for gay tourists

Brussels is a city that is visited by many gay tourists every year. These tourists undoubtedly have a wonderful time in this city. In fact, you will find a variety of establishments in the city, especially in the rue du marché charbon. In these streets, there are bars, discos and nightclubs dedicated to the gay. To have the opportunity to participate in the Belgium Pride, you have to go to the city in May. There are several tourist places to visit in this city. You will see historical buildings and traditional museums through which you will get to know the city better. If you are a gay man and you want to go on a sightseeing tour, Brussels should be one of your destinations.  It’s a beautiful city to discover.